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My Definition of Beauty

Beauty to me is so many things. The word takes on several meanings...

It has nothing to do with outward appearances, but more to do with the inward reality

of the heart. I am a makeup artist and beauty expert of 25 years for feature film

and television and the host and producer of a podcast called Beauty Talk for the

past 15 years. I have spent my career serving men and women on screen and

most of that time has been spent helping women to see their beauty beyond

makeup and the cover-up that makeup provides.

When I talk to women, whether they are friends, family, or actresses from set, or

other clients, I find that some women do not realize their beauty, and others

don’t even consider themselves beautiful. Negative beliefs about oneself, low

self-esteem, harmful words spoken to women from other women and men, and

personal experiences play a part in why some women struggle with the word, “Beautiful”.

A journey to beautiful starts with self-discovery and acceptance, and a look

within. I define beauty as Confidence. As I live my life confidently accepting

myself as I am, I find it important that other women do the same, focusing on

their inner beauty and not outwardly appearances. Join me on this journey to


-Janice Tunnell


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